Transforming Healthcare: Digihealth ATM pilots at the Department of Health

Digihealth piloted two of its Automated Telehealth Machines (ATMs) at the Department of Health (DOH) office’s women’s month bazaar, a groundbreaking initiative to strengthen public-private partnership efforts. These advanced ATMs promise to revolutionize healthcare accessibility by instantly monitoring vital health metrics.

DOH employees take their diagnostic tests using the Digihealth ATM at the DOH Gymnasium

Around 500 DOH employees experienced firsthand the convenience and efficiency of these ATMs, marking a significant step forward in leveraging technology for health.

“I would like to thank the Digihealth Specialists for showcasing to us their new technology wherein we got our blood chemistry and other data that we need for our health. Of course we want to be well everyday, and using these Digihealth ATMs will be a very important management of our hypertensive, our diabetics, for early detection.” DOH Undersecretary Maria Francia Miciano-Laxamana said.

DOH Undersecretary Maria Francia Miciano-Laxamana delivers her thank you message to the Digihealth team for lending these ATMs for the DOH employees

“Thank you for lending us these machines in time for Women’s Month. More to come in the future.” Usec. Laxamana added.

DOH Usec. Laxamana trying out the Digihealth ATM herself to check her health statistics

Data Insights and Significance

Positioned at DOH Gymnasium and Building 14-C, the Digihealth ATMs collected vital health statistics from various individuals around March 18 – 22, 2024. These clinical grade and FDA-registered devices test over 50 health metrics including BMI, blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature, lipid profile, among others.

DOH Nurse Mary Grace Escala operates the Digihealth ATMs so employees can get their health metrics

Mary Grace Escala, a DOH nurse, was even able to man the machine to assist fellow DOH employees to get their vitals.

“It was very easy to use and troubleshoot and I didn’t have a hard time.” Escala said as she operates the Digihealth ATM located at the Building 14-C. Employees also found it easy to understand the machine and they were amazed by seeing their health information right away. Some of them were even surprised with their results and wanted to take action to keep themselves healthy.

The results are printed out or sent via WhatsApp a few minutes after taking the tests, proving that basic health check ups can be done accurately and easily through advanced technology.

The statistics reveal prevalent health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, and high BMI, providing valuable insights to DOH for tailoring effective strategies to enhance employee health and wellness.

Digihealth ATM #1Digihealth ATM #2
No. of Patients241227
Pre Diabetic5537
High BMI134133
Low BMI99

The built-in Data Analytics feature of Digihealth allows real-time generation of data such as these without the need for manual tabulation

Reaching Beyond the Department of Health

The implications extend beyond the DOH, resonating with both government and private offices. Leveraging Digihealth ATM enables organizations to proactively address health issues among employees, fostering a culture of wellness and productivity. This data-driven approach aligns with broader healthcare objectives, reducing the burden on healthcare systems and promoting societal well-being.

Ambassador of India to the Philippines Shambhu Kumaran delivers his message to the Digihealth team and the DOH about the advancement of health-tech and strengthening the partnership of India and the Philippines through this initiative

“I’m delighted to join the launch of the Automated Telehealth Machines being piloted by Digihealth in the Philippines, this time in cooperation with the Department of Health. I think that this is a wonderful system that showcases how digital technologies can improve accessibility and affordability of healthcare and diagnostic.” Shambu Kumaran, Ambassador of India to the Philippines, emphasized.

Digihealth ATM not only offers convenience, efficiency, and enhanced healthcare accessibility, but also significantly improves patient access to healthcare services. These ATMs streamline health monitoring, providing instant results and actionable insights to patients and healthcare providers. Moreover, its user-friendly interface ensures inclusivity, making healthcare monitoring accessible to diverse populations.

Digihealth Chairman Gov. Roberto “Obet” Pagdanganan, Digihealth Managing Director & CEO Joyce Socao, India Ambassador Shambhu Kumaran, and DOH Undersecretary Maria Francia Miciano-Laxamana consults a DOH employee who was testing the Digihealth ATM

The piloting of Digihealth ATMs at the DOH represents a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality in the Philippines. This initiative exemplifies the potential of partnership efforts between the public and private sectors in advancing the nation’s healthcare agenda or the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law.

“What is most gratifying is that this initiative happened soon right after the India-Philippine Tech Summit focused on the health-tech sector. India and the Philippines have a long legacy of cooperation in health and this takes that forward.” Ambassador Kumaran added.

“I’m sure that as the benefits of this system become more visible, it will be rolled out extensively across the Philippines and I wish them all success,” he concluded. As these innovative solutions continue to evolve and spread, they pave the way for a healthier future where quality and affordable healthcare is within reach for all Filipinos, embodying a shared commitment to prioritize the well-being of everyone.

Photo shows Department of Health Undersecretary Maria Francia Miciano-Laxamana together with the Digihealth team led by Managing Director & CEO Joyce Socao, Chairman Roberto “Obet” Pagdanganan, Board of Director Dr. Bu Castro, with India Ambassador Shambhu Kumaran during the piloting of two Digihealth ATMs at the DOH gymnasium and wellness center

Digihealth ATM pilots at the Department of Health