RiteMED seals partnership with DigiHealth for Universal Healthcare

RiteMED Philippines, Inc. (RiteMED) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with DigiHealth Specialists, Inc. (DigiHealth), a disruptive digital healthcare technology provider that aims to revolutionize primary healthcare by making it advanced, affordable, and accessible to all in support of the country’s Universal Health Care (UHC) program. The collective goal is to bridge the gap in affordable quality healthcare by simplifying doctor consultations, laboratory procedures, and access to budget-friendly yet high-quality medicine, particularly targeting remote areas where access to quality healthcare remains challenging.

From left to right: Svetlana Rao, Partner, Mercatus Capital, Singapore; Atty. Ravindran Govindan, Group Chairman, Mercatus Capital, Singapore; Gov. Roberto Pagdanganan, Chairman, Digihealth Specialists Inc.; Atty. Jose Maria Ochave, President, RiteMED Philippines Inc.; Joyce Socao, CEO/Managing Director, Digihealth Specialists Inc.; Vincent Patrick Guerrero, General Manager, RiteMED Philippines Inc.; and Dato Dr. Jacob Thomas, Director, Time Medical Systems, India.

“RiteMED believes that UHC is attainable and relevant to be able to deliver better services that the Filipino people need. RiteMED and DigiHealth are open and committed to working with local government units for its implementation. RiteMED continuously seeks partnerships such as this that enable technology-driven services for faster, more efficient, and more affordable results.” Atty. Jose Maria A. Ochave, President of RiteMED explained.

Based on his experience in the government, former Gov. Roberto Pagdanganan, Chairman of DigiHealth, believes that the government is on the right track in implementing UHC as a priority program. “This collaboration aims to bridge gaps in healthcare, specifically by enhancing the accessibility and affordability of laboratory procedures through DigiHealth’s pioneering technologies. By focusing on preventive healthcare and using modern technology, UHC will not only assure accessibility but will also reduce significantly the out-of-pocket expenses being shouldered by the people.”, said Gov. Pagdanganan.

Technological innovator in healthcare

DigiHealth’s vision is to lead the digital healthcare landscape by offering patient-centered, ethical, and reliable services accessible from remote areas, ensuring affordability. Their mission is similar to RiteMED’s which is rooted in delivering high-quality yet affordable healthcare to Filipinos, utilizing cutting-edge technology. 

“DigiHealth’s Automated Telehealth Machine (ATM) is an all-in-one machine that covers more than 50 clinical parameters. It can do a comprehensive body diagnostic within a mere 7 minutes or less.  It offers disruptive technology because it will radically change the way healthcare is delivered. DigiHealth ATM makes it more convenient for patients and augments the shortage in healthcare workers at a very affordable cost, thus making Universal Healthcare in the country realizable”, says Ms. Joyce Socao, Managing Director and CEO of DigiHealth. 

The DigiHealth ATM offers a comprehensive body diagnostic covering more than 50 clinical parameters within 7 minutes or less. Besides the basic vital signs and BMI calculations, sugar level checks, hemoglobin, cholesterol, vision test, rapid tests for infectious diseases, and even mental health assessment and ECG can be done in the machine and consolidated in the patient’s Electronic Health Record with analytics

Bridging the affordability gap in healthcare, the machine streamlines doctor consultations and lab procedures, making quality care financially attainable. It seamlessly integrates a range of functionalities.  Besides the basic vital signs and BMI calculations, sugar level checks, hemoglobin, cholesterol, vision test, rapid tests for infectious diseases, and even mental health assessment and ECG can be done in the machine and consolidated in the patient’s Electronic Health Record.   

The all-in-one ATM conducts a thorough scan while providing immediate results. Its user-friendly interface is able to display outcomes directly on WhatsApp with personalized lifestyle and dietary recommendations. It can also facilitate result printing directly from the machine, making complex health data accessible and understandable for all users. Not just that, the machine also integrates teleconsultation where the user can contact a doctor and send them the lab results right away for faster and easier diagnostics and medical prescriptions.

DigiHealth has also integrated cutting-edge technologies, including AI-assisted ECG readings and mental health scanners, with World Health Organization (WHO) standards and HIPAA-compliance. These innovations are set to be introduced in RiteMED pharmacies, supported by real-time analytics and electronic health records, particularly focusing on underserved provinces. RiteMED’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services complement Digihealth’s services.

“RiteMED and DigiHealth believe the UHC is achievable with advanced technology.  Technology will enable access to quality and affordable health products and services,” ​​Atty. Ochave said.

Challenges and Opportunities in Philippine Healthcare Infrastructure

Gov. Pagdanganan, emphasizes that DigiHealth ATM, with its electronic health recording system and platform, will enable local government units to comply with the minimum components required by Chapter lV, Section 17 of RA 11223, otherwise known as the Universal Health Care Law, for DOH to contract province-wide and city-wide health systems for the delivery of population-based health services. These minimum components are: 1) Primary care provider network with patient records accessible throughout the health system, 2) Accurate, sensitive, and timely epidemiological surveillance systems, and, 3) Proactive and effective health promotion programs or campaigns.

“This collaboration focuses on empowering healthcare workers and doctors, not to replace them but to simplify processes and extend services to a broader populace, particularly in areas where healthcare access is challenging.” Atty. Ochave reiterated.