DIGIHEALTH is a disruptive digital system that puts the patient at the center of the healthcare continuum. The main goal of DIGIHEALTH is to provide patients with accessible high-quality care at affordable cost.

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DIGIHEALTH is a fully integrated primary healthcare ecosystem between patients and doctors

Connecting Patients

Connecting Patients

Track and manage patients’ health through mobile, wearables or online portal with their own Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Innovative Care Technology

Innovative Care Technology

Proactively educate patients about their lifestyles through data analytics. Self-diagnostics infrastructure to securely deliver an integrated continuum of healthcare.
Connected and Interoperable Infrastructure

Connected and Interoperable Infrastructure

Interconnected infrastructure with home health device, clinical instruments, laboratory equipment to get the diagnostic data

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Latest News

Digihealth ATM and UHC

Digihealth ATM and Universal Healthcare

Digihealth ATM and Universal Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare: Digihealth ATM pilots at the Department of Health

Digihealth piloted two of its Automated Telehealth Machines (ATMs) at the Department